The Fund to Save Michigan's Stories

Understanding the past is the key to building a brighter future. Your support of The Fund to Save Michigan's Stories will enable the Foundation to continue this vital work of preserving Michigan's treasured heritage and cultural identity for future generations. Join others who believe in the beauty, the traditions, the heritage and the people of this great state of Michigan that we're so proud to call home.

The Michigan History Education Fund

The Michigan Historical Center provides educational experiences that inspire curiosity in the 80,000 school-age children who visit the Center every year. Museum education programs are available for Pre-K to 12th grade and give students the opportunity to explore history using archival documents, maps, artifacts, and exhibits.

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The Gift Fund

With multiple historic sites, collections of more than 100,000 objects, one million archival items, and education programs serving 80,000 students each year, the important work of the Michigan History Foundation never ends.

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The Leavenworth Collection Project

The R.C. Leavenworth Photograph Collection spans many years. Through Leavenworth's photos, one can "travel" from the horse-and-carriage days to the age of the automobile! This Collection holds more than 200,000 negatives telling the story of Michigan's past. All need immediate conservation because their base material is chemically unstable. Until recently, poor storage conditions have accelerated deterioration of the negatives. It is estimated that 10% of the collection will be lost each year if we do not act now.

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Sharing Michigan’s Untold Stories

A gift to the Sharing Michigan’s Untold Stories fund will allow us to complete the important work of helping all Michigan residents see themselves in the fabric of our state’s history.

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